Is Happy Overrated?

I want to be happy but I wonder if it's really something to shoot for.  I work for a really good company but I can't stand my Manager.  I started out 5 years as the Receptionist and I'm now a Admin Assistant.  I wear alot of hats now but my Manager won't let me leave the front desk.  I am trying to stay here because I like my job and my fellow co-workers (except my boss).  I have never stayed at a job past 5 years so I'm hoping to do that here but now I feel like if I don't get moved away from the front desk I need to leave.  Jobs being so hard to come by I should be glad i'm employed.  But if i'm not happy should I stay?  Also, I'm not happy at home.  My husband of 8 years never has sex and shows no desire for me.  He is a very nice person and I love him dearly but don't you need that part of your marriage to feel happy and wanted.  I don't feel wanted.  I'm not unattractive just alittle overweight but so is he.

I have a old friend that has told me he would be there for me in whatever decision I make.  I don't want to hurt anybody but someone is going to get hurt.  I love all my in-laws and hate that if I breakup our marraige it will destroy all my relationships with his family.

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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

As for your work, believe in yourself and always be confident in your abilities. If your immediate supervisor is not allowing you to advance, you need to go higher up the ladder and let them know it. Tell them you now have the experience to advance and contribute more to the company and would like the opportunity to prove that. Be polite, and honest and don't make it look as if you resent your supervisor. Simply tell them that you are possibly being overlooked by them and need a second opinion. - if that doesn't work for you then keep looking at craigslist every day and never stop applying and interviewing every chance you get. You spend more time at work then you do at home so being happy there is actually as important as the home life. ---- as for the hubby, and the in-laws...I'm sure whatever decision you make, the in-laws will still love you as long as you are honest with them and let them know what is going on. Matter of fact, if you are close to them, it would be a good idea to let them know he is not treating you as he should be, that way his family can get involved and kick him in the rear a bit. If they love you, they will make sure he is good to you. Sound right?