I Make Myself Happy ..

Each time I am sad down or depressed
I think of you AR
the special moments we shared
the special touch
the special sharing
the special exploration
the special feelings
the special energy
the special connection

nothing in the world to worry, to have doubts, to be ashamed of and fear from

nothing shields me from your naked eyes
nothing stops you from my wilderness dreams
We have been doing nothing but connected, connected and connected

That special connection last a lifetime

This is what makes me happy and feeling content

nothing compares to that moment

I choose I decide I make myself happy...

sugarnspice4u sugarnspice4u
41-45, F
3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Thanks dear .. really you have two lovers at one time - boy I envy you girl .... I wish lol ...

To be with and cuddled in arms of your loved one is sheer happiness. To all my EP friends, my message has been keep yourself happy whatever it takes. Let the past be past , make new friends and find new soul mates who gives you unconditional pleasure. I get lot of slack from others who tell me you can't love two men at the same time, I say yes you can.

Happiness Begins With You