I'm Finding Out How

I spent plenty of time in misery for years . What I thought would make me happy turned out to be the exact opposite , though I knew st the time that'ts exactly what would happen but did it anyway . No one to blame but myself . I don't really know what will fill me with joy neverending but I sure know what won't !
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Since I first posted this story , I've found a wonderful woman that's been showing me how to find happiness . her story almost parallels your comment

Im in the same boat with one exception. I finnaly am growing up and excepting that its up to me to change my situation. Tommorow I tell my husband Im done. Things have been awful for years and I will not be around this nonsense much longer. will probably have to share the house for a month but he is being told to persue elsewhere. I have someone I met online whom I am head over heals for. I ,just like you never thought there would be anything that would fill me with joy. But my joe just does.He is who my heart is calling out too. I will now be free to follow my heart.