I Keep On Building, He Keeps On Destroying

I was like any other young woman looking for companionship. It felt good in the beginning, but as the days go by it seems that it makes me feel miserable with what's happening.

I met this guy on a site related to our profession. We needed help for our upcoming exam. Then, one day before we knew each other, we visited that particular site and that was where we found each other. Because we have the same profession and the same exam to take, we easily got along each other. We almost have the same needs and questions in mind. Some of our principles are even the same. We were happy chatting until we chatted exclusively. Most of the time, we even share the same pc and review notes. We share ideas and personal things in life. We did not only chat but I guess we're already exclusively internet dating. He is single and so am I, so I guess there's no problem with that.

On the contrary, I noticed that I was always the one compromising things for him. It was not easy. I knew our relationship worked at first because I fought for it. I was always trying to patch things up. I did my best to understand him and our situation. I kept on building things for us to be successful in the end. I tried to meet our goals no matter how hard it was on my part, but I noticed that he's not doing the same.
It seems that he always ruins things that we've started to build. The accounts and chatbox that we've made together is deleted by him. He's no longer making effort to meet our goals. Most of the time, he would find ways not to go online. And when we're online, it takes a long while before he can reply. Just recently, he even attempted to leave me again, and it wasn't the first time that he did this to me.

The problem is everytime we have problem and he leaves, he also keeps on coming back after a few days. Then again, we talk and start all over again. I don't know why he keeps on coming back, and I keep on accepting him when we knew that we always get to the point that we already want to give up. Maybe we just love each other. But I don't want to compromise things anymore. What I build is always destroyed by him. I already passed a few things in my personal life in exchange of our relationship.

I need some help to figure things out. What am I going to do now?
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2011

My suggestion to make it easier if you do choose to stop meeting him, is to get a network of close friends that can help support and comfort you, I mean I'm not making the statement clear that you have chosen to follow that path only that I think that having other friends can help keep you from needing to go back to him if he really is not the kind of person you want to be with due to him leaving all the time; that for me would be really hard to deal with and I would have to draw the line somewhere and let him know that you've drawn a line where he needs to meet with you.

i use to have a boyfriend that i thought i loved but we broke up and i cryed for a day and then i was over it and ready to get on with my life,but he kept coming back and using me and then the healing process would keep happening over and over while he would leave and then come back all the time. If he keeps destroying everything you've been working hard on then i don't think this is the right guy for you and you need to not let him keep coming back so you don't keep getting your heart broken.