How To Be Happy!

We all miss basic tips in life, that deviates us from being happy! Lets relate happiness with science

Science says that, staying focused on one thing is all depends on our mindset.

How to maintain balanced mindset.??? very simple

eat proper food to balance all chemicals in our brain. Each chemical in our brain is responsible for each feeling. So these chemicals are balanced only when we balanced diet.

Proper healthy meals and regular excercise can make every human active and happy!!!

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I agree with nissn our nutrition is definitely linked to our emotional health i have recently started using nutritional meal replacement shakes for lunch instead of chips candybars etc my energy level has increased by about 30% and my emotional state has improved greatly trust me this is not a fad this is a longterm commitment to a healthier lifestyle for about 1.87 a meal you can check it out at it may be the start you need

Being present to the moment at hand helps as well. This takes practice because our minds are so used to dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

I've a hard time enjoying stuff and being enthousiatic because of my past. I litterally have to learn how to make fun... I don't have many friends, and the new ones don't wait around to learn me fun! :(

So what do you say to someone who got cancer even when they have leed a healthy life...?

Eat fully and sleep fully ! Here my intention is not for the patients who are suffering from diseases. But to the one, who lacks in motivation, stress, loneliness, and something like this etccc.......

That's a good way to put how to be happy. It is natural medicine, also, which is good.

yes ! THATS TRUE and practical way which is possible and can be achieved very easily!

They certainly give you a good ba<x>se to handle life's curveballs. But There is more to it than just diet and exercise. Having a good friend support is much more essential when facing the ups and downs.

yes ! true

And proper hydration with fluids. Along with light exercise. Bring about a mind and body of well balanced thoughts.