Thank You For Always Be There..!!!

Happy people live longer..better lives then those who choose to be unhappy all the time..therefore it was my desire to be happy all the times...are we capable of being happy all the time..probably not..for we know that there is a time for every season under the sun...i want my happiness to be derived from the thing of the Lord..for in him is perfection...his happiness gives strength..his happiness bubbles over like fountain...with him i can be happy..No matter what is going on around me...he brings joy  and laughter in all thing..for thing are only allowed to happen according to his glorious will for us...and he does thing for our good and growth....i want to be happy because it makes those around me happier...happiness is infectious and i want to infect the whole world...with joy..and happiness,,,i love being happy,,it make my day go by much better..i want to be happy because the alternative is being sad...there is no value in sadness...may the LORD fill my heart and soul..and my whole being with happiness...that i may rejoice in  all thing.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jan 15, 2012