One Step At A Time!

I say to myself I have came a long way and it's not over yet.what I'm refuting to is being and feeling's been about a year since I have self harmed and I'm proud of's been tough but I have made small changes in my life to make me smile a little more.instead of staying home by myself while my parents were working late and my sister hanging with her friends.I go to the gym where I do zumba.that's right I dance around and I never felt this confident since I was in elimentery school.and I have lost crazy amount of pounds!and it's not over.people might say zumba is stupid or not their thing but when I lase up my colorful shoes and my hot pink fall off the sholder shirt with the shinny letters ZUMBA across it,I feel sexy,I feel confident,I feel normal,and I feel happy.and no one can take that away from me.
Neverendingclowndoors Neverendingclowndoors
18-21, F
May 10, 2012