Sadness To Gladness Today

Today I went and helped out at a charity function that the Red Cross do for underprivileged kids in our community. As I am a chef, me and my head chef went and prepped up some stuff for them to look at and then make themselves. These kids have been nominated by their schools or by a foundation that looks after kids in unfit homes. It made me smile more today than I have collectively in a long time, they have three days of activities of things they would never get the opportunity to do in their situations and it made my heart happy to see these kids having a go at everything and having so much fun, it took my mind off every single one of my problems and I just wandered around helping them and telling them they were doing great and they just loved it. To have the chance to learn about good food and have the most loving people looking after them for three days must have been heaven for these little mites. You can see some of them holding back and I can only imagine why but they all ended up really getting into it. We had to judge the winning table which I didn't like doing because they won a special prize and I dint want anyone to get left out. The prize was a ride in a helicopter and these kids went nuts when they found out it was so lovely, but the lady told all the other kids after they had come back that they in fact all got to take a ride and that was just beautiful. These people who organize this are angels to these children, just always striving to make our place better for everyone and I admire them so very much. Sometimes it is too hard to get out of bed for days on end and you feel like your being bypassed and swallowed up by the world, but you always have to try because you can contribute to somebody else's life and cause happiness and a respite from their problems and create something other than sadness in them and yourself , its all worth it when you see even one smile.
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1 Response Jul 10, 2012

There was a small study done some time ago about depressed people. They had a group of people do community service, and the other group did traditional medication and therapy. The study found that the group that did community service had greater results than the traditional group, and found that some people's depression went away. The study was done only one time so you can't take it as an absolute fact, but in my experience I have found that helping others made me feel better about myself. I have recently found out that I still have depression, so one thing I have decided to do is volunteer to help feed the poor and homeless. <br />
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I'm glad that you have experienced the same.