I Want To Be Normal...

The reason for my unhappiness is due to the fact that I do not feel as though I am normal. I'm in my early 20s, however I do not have the life of a typical 20-something. I don't have any friends. I spend most of my time alone at home. I'm fat, ugly, and I have terrible skin. Every time I look in the mirror I wish that it was someone else's face looking back at me. Long story short: I AM TOTALLY UNHAPPY WITH MYSELF. I'm unhappy with my life, the way I look, walk, and talk. Everything about myself absolutely repulses me. I'm having the hardest time finding a job. I feel like such a loser. I've never had a relationship, and I do not desire to be in one at all. Just the thought of anyone touching me completely disgusts me. I just wish I were like everyone else. I wish I could build intimate, meaningful relationships with others. I wish I had friends. I wish I looked in the mirror and actually liked what I saw. I just REALLY wish that one day all of these wishes would come true.
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I can understand that your negative self image is interfering with your ability to form relationships. I hope that you're able to work through it, or can find something that will help.

Dear....i can understand ur problem...i dnt want to give U any advice...coz what U R suffering , no one can realize until or unless they are in ur shoes..i can pray for your peace...i believe as human being U R a great person...so U deserve to be with kind Nd honest people only.....take care my friend

Atkins diet is not the answer. You may have allergies that are causing your skin problem. I found out that I am lactose intolerant when I went on the HCG diet. Really, Google the diet itself, or go buy a recipe book for the HCG diet and follow it. I can't exercise because I have a tore ACL and even had surgery while on the diet. They even tell you NOT to exercise! Miracles can come true! Keep in touch. I do have much empathy for you!

Thank you. :)

You are in the prime of your life. Do you have good health? Then get off the pity parade and do something about the things you are unhappy about. Such as, your weight. I, too, 1 year ago, was 60 pounds overweight! I went on the HCG diet drops. Unfortunately, the FDA is now regulating a "natural hormone." Even though it was approved by the FDA in 1994, our government found out that the drops worked, and now they want a piece of the pie! My total cost was under $150 to lose 60 pounds. Now that the government got involved, it would have cost me $400 to lose 10 more pounds! But you can still use the diet and drop a lot of weight. Google it. Obviously, you must have internet access! Go to a spa or dermatologist for your face. You are still young. I am sorry if I have upset you, but people seem to think they know all about me, and they do not! So forgive me if I upset you.

I don't have the money to go to a spa or dermatologist. Hence why not being able to find a job is depressing me. I've started dieting and exercising. I'm on Atkins. I've been doing okay with the exercising. I just find it a bit hard to motivate myself to do it sometimes.

Hey There, I'm violet reading your story kinda made me sad and maybe there's more to your unhappiness than the disgust you have with yourself, a prior incident maybe? Well if you ever wanna talk message me. Always remember that there's no point complaining about the things you can change. If you think you're fat, work out. Trust me it helps, you'll feel refreshed and energetic plus the pain is good because you know it's working. Peace.

Love and accept yourself.

Don't be so harsh with yourself, maybe you need to focus more on the positive things about you. You can change the way you look if you want to, you just need dedication.

Well, no offense, but those things won't actually change. You will have to go accept them, unless you really want to change yourself. Maybe you could try going out to some places or going out to help the community in order to "get out".

Maybe being normal isn't always a good thing. How about just being the best version of you that you can be?

you just have to change the way you look at your self, and think that theres only one of you in this world, and theres allot you can do about it, and beauty is not the most important thing in this world, everything else will come to you on its own, :)

What is normal anyway? I certainly wouldn't want to be like anyone else. Embrace your uniqueness. If you aren't feeling good about yourself I like what Blogettina has to say.

try some positive self-talk. have a shower. get a haircut ba<x>sed on the recommendation of the hairdresser and have her show you how to take care of it ba<x>sed on your needs and the time you would like to spend on your hair. go to a cosmostologist and ask for an opinion on how to wear make up and get instructions and a list of cosmetics that would be good. smile at yourself regularly. brush your teeth and tongue and smile at yourself. you are going to be with yourself hopefully a long time. try a little bit of improvement bit by bit. if you want more ideas, please ask.