I Want To Be Happy

i want to be happy but i think im not happy i dont know the reason why im not happy there few of them who really hate me because im happy i think they always want to see me sad i dont know why i always try to be happy few days im happy and few days im sad i want to be happy forever from past few years i think im not happy i think the reason is i never got a girlfriend and i never got a good job i dont know what should i do to be happy i wanted to earn money but rite now im not satisfied with my earnings i wanted to be rich i think that will make me happy i dont have a girlfriend i dont care about that but if i have money that will surly make me happy because for me money is everything people say that money cant buy you happiness but according to me only money can buy you happiness you can buy everything in the world if you have money and im sure that will make you happy because you have everything with you and only money can get you everything that you need so money can even buy happiness
Roadguy Roadguy
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3 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes misery more enjoyable. =)

I am not a money makes me happy kind of person but for you maybe it is so I will try not to judge you there. Try..... :-)
What are you doing to make more money?
If this is your goal are you making it happen? Just curious.
You don't need a girlfriend. Do you want to be alone? Does this make you happy too? What do you want to buy with your money?

Did you know even rich people aren't happy? It's possible!