What I Know About Happiness

Here is what I know about happiness. YOU are the only one responsible for your happiness! If you rely on others for your happiness, you will ALWAYS be disappointed and NEVER be happy!

I never understood what would make me happy, I'd be happy for a while, but it never lasted for very long.

As soon as I took control of my life and was responsible for every aspect of it, is when I saw who I truly was. With that I made a few (many) changes.

Some of the changes that I made were these:

1.     The only one responsible for you, is you.

2.     You have a choice to look at things 2 ways, the glass is half full, or  the glass is half empty.

3.     People want to be around someone who is positive not negative.

4.     If you think thoughts of enthusiasm, joy, and appreciation, and are passionate about it, your life will change for the better.

5.     Happiness can only come from inside you. you will need to make changes inside who you are in order to make your life fulfilling to YOU!

Once you do these things, every aspect of your life will fall into place and you will find the happiness you didn't think you would ever have.

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5 Responses Sep 26, 2012

i waited so long to be happy because i was looking in the wrong place i thought that it comes from someone else and not from yourself and i relized i was only making the other person happy and i was also lieing to myself saying that she was making me happy but i was only happy when i was with her and when i was by myself i was depressed and still felt that i was missing something and when i read what totallytea wrote i light clicked in my head and i thoought to myself how can i make someone happy when i am not even making myself happy and i was blinded by love because in the end i was just being used for what i had and not being loved just for me so it is time for me to wake up and understand i need to think of myself for once in my life thank you again......... totallytea you are the best

You did it all by yourself. All I did was remind you because you have had the answers all along. ; )

thank you have just gave me the answe i have been looking for i have always thought that i would find happiness in someone else but i was always getting i feel so stupid now all this time i have been wasting and their it was right at my feet totallytes you are the best

Thank you snowman! Glad I could help.

wise and truthful words

This is so true. Great job my friend.

I like that Tea, that is so true.

Thank you.