How Can We always Be Happy?

There are only TWO ways to be happy all the time.

1. Have Whatever You Want
2. Want Whatever You Have

I do not discuss about , 1. Have Whatever You Want.
I am interested, whatever we have.

Because, let’s face it, no matter who you are, how

powerful or influential or networked you may be, there

simply is no way you can have everything that you want

(or will want in the future).

The human state being what it is, whenever we get

something we’ve wanted badly, our mind tends to want

something more, something better, something different.

That’s just the way we are!

When you have one decent suit or one pretty dress,

you’re happy – for a while. Then, you start wishing you

had another. A costlier one. A prettier one. One just

like that guy or girl has. Oh, and it would be nicer to

have three of them – after all, your friend or neighbor

or boss or someone you know does.

Before you know, you’re no longer happy with your one

nice dress… you’re unhappy about it!

Pegging your happiness on such an impossibility as

always having whatever you want condemns you from ever

enjoying your life.

So that’s a dead-end. Let’s look at the alternative.
Wanting Whatever You Have

This is big. Really BIG!

It gives you a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude

to everything you already have.

Like, maybe two legs!

If you have only one leg because you lost the other in

an accident, you’re still better off than the guy who

has none because he was born with a birth defect.

If you’re having something you don’t like for lunch or

dinner, you’re still lucky – because many folks don’t

have ANY kind of food to eat.

If you come from a broken family, or are going through

divorce, or struggling at work, you’re still the envy

of someone who doesn’t have what you’re unhappy about

having… a family, a spouse, a job, anything!

Qur'an says don, worry if some thing is gone, because it was written in yours life record,

don' be proud,if you are blessed in every worldly things ,because it was yours destiny.
For Lords only best human and best in has a man of great honor in God eyes.

good day for all,keep yours universal love for all ,no selfishness or benefits should involved.
nothing stay forever, if pains miseries,suffering etc all, including life is not forever, hope always for good if there is dark all around you. all is temporary,

basy basy
56-60, M
4 Responses Dec 11, 2012

those words are made of Light

welcome and thanks to all.
Take life as its come to you, no one is lucky in every thing,
Any way life goes on, no matter what we have and what we miss or do not have.
We came in this world with out our will and we have to left it with out our will.
So why we should worry???, we got only one day of this life just enjoy it. we do not about tomorrow might be good might be bad or worse who knows??? might you inter in coming day or not???

in short, let's count our blessing

Very good post, thanks for sharing