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What Makes Me Worthy Of Existing?

What gives me the right to exist? I feel like I haven't done anything to earn the very beats of my heart, nor the very air I breath. I feel so empty, so aimless, so without purpose. At times I feel like I will not reach my goals in time, if I even do, to significantly make a positive difference in the lives of those that need someone to stand by them the most. I need honest, compassionate guidance.
Starfleet12341 Starfleet12341 26-30, M 3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

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We all exist for one purpose. To help the whole of humanity. If you are not doing that in some fashion then start today. That could be building houses for the homeless or finding a cure for cancer or stepping outside yourself and buying a cup of coffee for that homeless man on the corner. Find a way to make a difference to someone else. That is why you are here.

Right to exist? You don't need a right to just do! You shouldn't feel you owe for your life in that manner. You are the only person you have to please. When you figure out how to you will feel better.

In Plato's dialogues, he says there is a divine design where every person is designed for a task that no one else can accomplish, a path that no one else can take.