Welcome Home?

I had a dream last night that I was at a gathering with some of my closest friends and boyfriend. We were all having a blast when one of my long time friends who joined the coast guard a year ago, and we haven't seen since, shows up. Everyone was excited to see him but I was the most excited. I pushed through everyone and hugged him. He picked me up and told me how much he missed me. Then he tried to kiss me but I refused, scared of others or my boyfriend looking though none of them were watching. We stayed at each other's side the rest of the night and I completely forgot everyone else.
This is strange to me because I have NEVER pictured him in a romantic way nor he has with me. And I had only talked to him once in the whole time he has been gone. He has a girl friend and I love my boyfriend.
I heard that you usually dream about the last thing you think about before you fall asleep and I wasn't thinking about him. But the strangest part of all was when I woke up this morning I had a text from him.
Anyways, I just want an explanation to my dream.
Jayymart12 Jayymart12
18-21, F
Feb 9, 2013