The Serenity Prayer Helps Me

I want to BE  HAPPY,  being depressed is an awful feeling.  I have been in and out of Depression all my life.  During the WINTER  I have SADD and it gets worse..Some of the things I have done help

1)   I stay away from people who bring NEGATIVITY in my life - even if they are family members(especially if they are family.

2) I keep as many lights on as possible or try and get out in the sunlight.  Let the sun in - windows, open curtains.etc.  Because sometimes depression makes you stay home.

3) Try and find the funniest sitcom , TV show that may make you laugh,

4) Tell a supportive friend, any person who will sincerely care and check up on you.

5) Try not to make serious decisions,  if possible at this time.

6) If you believe in God, Pray.  Even if you just say HELP ME. 

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4 Responses Jul 30, 2007

Brightly colored rooms are helpful too especially yellow I am told is good to ease depression. I am not fond of yellow though. That rules out so much of my family!

The serenity prayer is a great tool to use. I say it daily myself.

TheCheese thank you for your positive feedback on my story. I never thought of dark clothes making me more depressed. I'm going to remember that . It makes sense. Thank you!

You are correct about number 1. People project negative thoughts and emotions that can and will affect you, I know it does me all the time. All that you said is true and more people who have depression should be reading this. Also I hear that wearing dark colors when you are down can have a negative affect on you as well.