I Want to Be Happy Too

My friends tend to not understand. They say to just move on, it doesnt matter, you're not depressed and whatever, but there are times when i dont feel happy for weeks at a time, no matter what i do. i have moments of isolated happiness, but then the depression comes back. and there is really nothing worth being depressed about in my life. i have a great family, good job, amazing friends...i dont get it.
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3 Responses Aug 1, 2007

I feel the same way!

We are spiritual beings. When I'm depressed I examine my spirituality and my faith. Also, I have clinical depression and need meds. Right now I'm not on an anti-depressant. I am on anti-anxiety meds though. I wish I had the answer. I want to be happy. Today was pretty good, but I just came out of a two week funk. People give trite advice and don't understand. They say " go for a walk" or " get involved in more activities" I tried and it didn't work. I am embarking on a quest to find out what makes a person happy. Is it just a natural disposition? Is it chemical? I do find that if I'm slipping into a hole I can sometimes prevent it with a lot of prayer and making gratitude lists. I hope you and I find the answers. I'll be praying for you.:):)

i understand, u just dont feel happy.<br />
thats pretty much the only way to put it, the happiness is lacking. i know the feeling