I Can No Longer Wait For Happiness, Ive Waited My Whole Life

I wish with every inch of hope that i will one day feel happiness, Im so worn by pain and struggle that something has to give.. Because nobody can live life without being happy can they??

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Type your comment here...http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e=472730<BR>I wrote this on another thread.. I'll find the story was referring to..<BR>I have been depressed long-term also since childhood.. and untreated so I lose count of the years I have lost..<br />
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Ive been in the same "rut" for 10 years and when i was a child i still wasnt a happy child but i didnt real understand it as a kid aye.

Even though it is completely unbelieveable from where you think you are now. It's illusion.

Try not to get isolated. Are there voluntary jobs you can do? They can be very rewarding. Look to broaden your horizons. A 'rut' is only how it looks when you are in it. It is not something that you can't climb out of, it's just a skewed perspective, believe those on the outside who say the slope is not as steep as it appears.

because i got no choices! and im stuck so low down in a deep dark hole

regarding your message about happiness i have now quit my jobs and doing everythin in my power to minamize all the pain and stress in my life but to be quiet honest with you im not much better off infact i feel so numb with so much pain i dnt quiet know if i can surive much longer . Im at the end of my struggle and there isnt a light to guide me any futher .... Im stuck and there is not a way out

I struggled with that and the key that opened the door for me was to realize that I was living my life in a rut and that it wouldnt change unless I changed things around me. I had to take a deep hard look at what around me made me unhappy and changed it. To this day I live by those standards. If a friend makes me miserable more then happy I get rid of them. Relationships are the same way. I am happier alone compared to being with someone that makes me unhappy more then happy. I went and got a job that I like. I moved to where I wanted to be. I started to just change my life and get out of that rut and it worked. Try it.

I dont know how to be happy!

you really need to be happy. we only get one chance.