i just want to be happy.. i wanna try to stop thinking about my ugly looks and about my face about my sisters looking better and stuff.. what can i do to just be happy and not think about those stuff? :((
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Focus on something else... Take a chance... Do what you would normally do... If you compare, then you will not be happy...

Just try your best to look as nice as you can. Wear nice clothes, style you hair in an attractive manner, be clean and well groomed and then forget about your looks and focus on your inner beauty like Zapxbolt suggested.

i will. thank you!!

I know how it feels to be insecure about one's looks. I had breast cancer and lost all my hair during chemo then lost my breasts. Not easy! But I did things to help me feel better about myself. I bought an awesome wig and accessories like hats, scarves, jewelry etc. that made me feel prettier. And then I just faced the day knowing I did the best I could and focused on my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. Also, you'd be amazed at how a genuine smile can transform their looks. If you focus on your happiness you'll feel a lot prettier too.

It can be hard. But first, start by trying and learning to love yourself for who you are, and believe that you are beautiful. I know it's hard to believe this, but looks are not everything. A beautiful personality is. Find what makes you happy and the things you like about yourself, focus on them, and you will be the most beautiful girl around. Good luck!

thank you!

Rely on your inner beauty. If one can not look past your outer appearance, shame on them for being so damn judgemental. Worry not about your sisters appearance in comparison, having confidence is enough to make you stand out. Not sure I answered correctly/ Helped with what you are asking for, but just know that outer beauty is not as important as how you are as a person.

aw.. ill try.. but thanks!