I Can Only Try.. But Thats What I Was Born To Do

its so easy for people to look at you from the outside of your life and say, "look at all you have, look at where your going. you can be happy if you just let yourself" but the thing is, their right. you may feel like saying, "mind your own business, you dont understand, its my life." and you know what? your right too but unless you are willing to let yourself be happy and enjoy what you have, how do you expect to find happiness?

i need to take my own advice really, i always look at my life and find something to feel down about or not good enough for, and it makes me misreble and it makes others feel just as down. those who are close enough that i let see my real feelings. those i love the most and it isn't fair to them. but i know there will always be things like doubts and insecurities to make me feel this way, and there will always be one big thing that i can run away from - my past. but now i am looking at where i am now and i see that i have the oppertunity to be happy, to help others to try hard and to make something of myself and of my life. and im going to go for it!


i hope you can all take your oppertunities no matter how big or small and just go for it too!


"life isn't about how many breathed you take, it's about those moment that take your breath away"



FromTheHeartOfaWoman FromTheHeartOfaWoman
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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

thats true, its difficult to feel that way sometimes, but your right. i hope a lot more people can start feeling the same way x

You just have to find the good in everything to be happy sometimes. Even if it is difficult, optimism will help you follow through with your goals.