Just To Be Able To Smile Can Be Such A Healing Thing To Happen

lately i have been through quite a bit. I havent had much sleep because I am studying architecture and i am forever making models during my freetime. And i have to balance university with my part time job, which involves alot of customer service and selling glasses, I have to do alot of driving because i live far from everything, i am exhausted and stressed about getting projects done, and i have yet to find the love of my life. I have for the last few years been feeling very negative and when the new year comes, i plan to change my way of thinking, but its seems like this has gone on forever and i want to be happy, i want to be more positive and improve my life. its easy said than done but i am really trying to be a better person. I have been improving at work and at university, but i havent found my partner yet. this seems to be the one thing that puts me down, because i am fearful that i will end up single and lonely to the point that i will become even more negative. so I have a life goal, and that is to be happy, simple goal, but with a complex process of getting to that goal. and for those out there who plan to improve their life, i say good luck and never give up, even if it feels like nothing is happening even if you are putting in so much effort just to smile and improve everything.

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

I think you should try to stop thinking about a lover, and just focus on yourself. Or else you're just going to sink further and further down. You need to relax more because you are over stressed and be selfish, think about yourself, care for yourself.

wow- you sound like a lovely and motivated person- hats off to you! i hope you find your dream girl. i used to sell glassess too! its not a bad job really is it? am just finishing uni- i have not idea how people manage jobs and uni- no wander you're stressed. people always say to me 'it will be worth it in the end' like they think it will make things easier at the time- which it never does- so i will refrain from saying that to you. but thanks for the lovely postive message and i hope everything works out well for you.<br />
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