Happy Thought Of The Day... About Things

This might not sound like its going to be a particularly happy post but im pretty sure it will be by then end!!


today i feel like absolute crap. Ive got so much work to do and i cant face it- i cant cope with it, i cant deal with it.  all i can do is eat chocolate and watch tv.  anyone ever been in the evil tv rut? i truly believe that by cutting tv vewing time in half we can improve our moods significantly by filling that time with something/anything else. even if that other thing doesnt seem positive, getting away from the thing (e.g.tv) thats helping us get away from things (e.g. out thoughts/worries/unhappiness) will stop us hiding from what we cant face and make us actually get on and do those things that we have to do- even when we dont want to.  by getting rid of our distractions we must face our fears and only by facing them will they sod off and leave us alone.  if we dont face them they just stay their like ugly fat black spiders lurking in the corner of the lounge waiting to pounce on us when we walk past. time to get out your spider catching glasses- put ugly-hairy-fatty in the glass and chuck him outside- he might come back but thats ok we'l be ready next tym.


I promise i havent been smoking anything funny.


happy spider hunting




ps to anyone feeling really low im sorry if this sounds like a load of rubbish mumbo jumbo crap- the thought of facing things you cant face is very daunting- its one of those things people seem to say e.g. face your fears etc but you know you cant and you know it probably wont help if you did- you would still feel miserable and rubbish.  if you feel like this and you have massive spiders dont worry- you dont have to glass them yet- but do turn off the tv/distraction and do something else. your only hope of getting rid of the spiders is to stop ignoring them- you dont have to face them head on- but dont try and pretend they dont exist either- this will only make them more venemous.

yasmina851 yasmina851
22-25, F
Mar 14, 2010