"nothing Taste As Good As Skinney"

I was introduced to the Juice fast diet from a friend last year. He recommended the video to go along with it, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead from Joe Cross. I watched it and was very inspired by the results from Juicing fruits and veggitables and not eating anything. I tryed it last summer for a 45 days and saw major results, I lost 40 lbs and had tons of energy. I loved it, I loved the way it made me feel always light on my feet, energy was huge, didn't need as much sleep, cloths look great on me, my skin was glowing, and my hair and nails started to grow strong and long. I would like to see if thier anyone interested in doing it again with me. I have lots of juice recipe to share and encouragement as well. I think it would be great to encourage and keep eachother in check to stay on the right road and stay strong, because the first 2 weeks is very hard to stick to it. I will admitt that the begging is not easy. I expierence tiredness, and mood swings, and hunger at first but once you over come all of that it feels so great and is so healthy for you. What i was feeling was toxins leaving my body. You can drink as many juices you want a day and they are filling. I realize that it wasn't really hunger pain i was expierence it was just the old habbit of wantting to eat when your bored, or chew at of habbit. I found new ways to keep myself busy, such as getting in a hobby, or joining a couple classes of zumba. It really works and the results are amazing, and I really would like to do this project with someone elese and we can share results with eachother. All you need a is a juicer and a new grocerry list for veggitables of any kind and fruits. You can say goodbye to that exspensive food bill a month, juicing is very inexspensive. I will have to say your senses become so much stronger, espeacially smell. When I would drive down the road i can smell all the resturantes and it was not fun, lol but you over come all of that as time goes on. In the video Joe Cross Juices for 60 days, you can juice as long as you want. If you really want to shed some extra weight and want to keep it off I suggest doing it for 60 to 90 days. It works great and retrains your body to eat healthier when it over. I love it and i think I will always go back to Juicing and reboot, because i love the it so much. I think it also a great feeling to have control over your body, and see what our bodies really need to live off of instead of what we think. It amazing to wake up everyday and loose a pound. It amazing that if you have any health issues that this really does correct them. A lot of people who done this all said the same thing that they no longer needed medication for thier illnesses anymore because of the Juice fast. i think it amazing and it a miracle. I love it and hope someone will join me in begging a another juice fast journey!! I can answer any questions if anyone is interested. I am starting my juice fast tomorrow and can't wait. I hope this is inspiring for you too to do the same for your body as well. I highly recommend for you to watch the video, you can watch it on Joe Cross website for free, it very helpful and inspiring. You can change your life and become strong and incontrol over your body weight and illness. Start the healthy choice today!!
Tapanga29 Tapanga29
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012