A Warning To All Women!!! Please Read!!!

Ladies always listen to your gut when it comes to your health. You know best. Two months ago, I reported something suspicious to my family doctor. I basically had unusual breast pain with sharp intense pangs in my left breast.  My breast was also swollen and felt very active.....like it was doing something.  It was very different than my usual breast tenderness I get during PMS.  My doctor minimized it saying it was just hormonal.  As a precaution I self-referred myself for a mammogram . It came out clear but symptoms persisted. Two months ago I got a skin lesions on my areola that looked suspicious but was told it was only a skin infection so I used a topical treatment for 10 days that didn't work.  In fact, I started getting even more lesions.  I went back and I was refered to a a breast specialist who told me I had a glandular breast infection. I suggested cancer but he said no he didn't think so.  I was given antibiotics but  it still didn't clear up.  They then took a biopsy only to discover Stage III cancer.  It's advanced and in my lymphatic system. I will know if it's spread though out my body after a CT scan.  I start aggressive chemo next Wednesday.

I started to get unusual symptoms in June and now here I stand 6 months later with a cancer diagnosis.  Why did it take them so long to diagnose.  And why did the mammogram come out clear. 

The funny thing is that I always knew that this was something really weird .  My breast just felt so weird.  So heavy.  The nipple was changing.  The lesions were unlike anything I've ever seen.  I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG!!!  Ladies, we have to persist in this health system.  We have to take control of our health.  We need to listen to our guts.  We know our bodies.

My particular breast cancer is very rare but according to the oncologist is has become more common.  Many family doctors aren't aware of the symptoms.  But still, why didn't the doctors take me more seriously.  When I'd complain and say things like "but the pain is different.  It's unusual.  Why is it so swollen?" It was just brushed off like I was just exaggerating.  The pain I feel according to the oncologist is because my cancer is so fast growing, so active I can actually feel it growing.  It's almost like the growing pains you get when you are young. 

The thing is that I have no family history of breast cancer, had always been physically healthy and am fairly energetic.  I look just to damn healthy to be taken seriously.  Everyone is shocked. 
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Thank you so much for this valuable information, everything you said is so on point.... because of you I am going to request another exam.... and I am sure you have helped others here as well. Thank you again and pray for total removal of this desease from your body and that you have a speedy recovery...grace &peace... dz...

I mean I pray this for you..... dz....

did you tell them to do a biopsy ? or did you have to wait ill some one on their own in the medical field say ...oh lest do a biopsy

I had to ask! :(

They should have figured it out on their own sooner.

wow!!!! my god !! thank god you did!!!

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Firstly let me wish you all the very best,Cancer is such a cruel wicked illness,I hope and prayy that you will make a full and complete recovery.
Your post is excellent for raising awareness for others,thank you for sharing your story,it may help others to get themselves tested and encourage them not to take everything on face value,this is the kind of post that may well save lives.
May God Bless you and allow you to recover and live a long and happy life.

I hate the fact as much as you do that the doctors were not on the ball enough to catch this right away. I would probably be so upset that I would start looking for a new family doctor. As a guy I can't readily understand the fears that a woman has about breast cancer but I do want you to know that I support you 100% in your fight against this monster. Should I ever get married and have a wife and daughter I am going to nag them persistently to not just self examine themselves for breast cancer but to also go to a doctor seasonally for checkups. Thank you for sharing your story, it was very brave of you to do so and I'm sure that it will help others.

You have no idea how passionate I am about educating other women. If I can just save even one life I will feel a little better about what I am going through.

You're an angel..I can't believe all those doctors kept telling you that it was other reasons and not checking and running more test. And I wonder why the mamogram did not pick it up in the xrays? I hope that EP post your letter to everyone. Maybe even on facebook.

Other ladies do take care and my sister will be allright very soon !!!

OMG! as I'm reading this is hard to believe it. Breast cancer is one of the major cause of death on women. I'm worried about you. Specially the type of cancer you have within 6 months is already in advanced stage. I know ladies who take really good care of themselves and is true, is hard to believe it when the doctor gives the bad news. I wonder how you feeling now *hugs* =/

Yes....it's very hard to believe. I seemingly was always healthy.