Fill In The Blank

i dont know where to begin... ever sence i was 7 my life has gone down the drain. like that parental attitude... of "you can do it!" has disappeared... my parents no longer try to cheer me on towords anything i do it shocks and sickens me... i cant stand it... on top of that... when ever i feel like Sh*t i can never seem to go to anyone...  to make me feel better. some times i want to be held and told everything will be okay... but nothing ever seems to be. i feel so "low self asteem-like" that... i feel nothing will ever be ok.  nothing ever seems to feel good because i was never taught how to cope with so much that i have to deal with. like when i'm at school... eating lunch... i always eat by myself... because when ever i try to build friendships... i always manage to f*#K something up... but i can never figure out what... when i ask that person "where did i go wrong?" they never seem to say... what i could try and fix...
"i just want to be held and told everything will be okay!"
sutaringue sutaringue
18-21, M
Jul 21, 2010