The Title Says It All

Nuff said.

Obviously it isn't, because EP won't let me post a two word post, so instead I am writing this totally superfluous sentence :(

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9 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Thank you CC, it's very much appreciated ((hugs back))) :-)

Ah Mizzen, I'd give you a big hug if I could. But we're all sending them your way so, wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze really hard, know that it comes from us all. Not quite the same, and nothing like the hug of a lover, but the best we can do. So sorry for your loss dear friend. xxx X@

Bless you, my darling kittie! I love you XXX

blissy, thank you and yes it is very hard sometimes. There are times when you ned it more than ever ((hugs))<br />
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My beautiful twin, your loving words embrace me, I am in a safe place. I love you too xxoo

biggest hugs to you mizz ... it's hard not to get the physical affection we need ...

Bless you, Pixie x

My darling kindred, I know you are always with me, I'm struggling for words right now, I'm going through so many emotions today, with the news of the death of my friend, but you know how I feel *kisses and hugs* xx<br />
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mysweetangelbaby, thank you, I appreciate your comment :)

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Thanks for reminding us.<br />
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Oh, my love. Those words, the thought of you not getting that, makes my blood boil. Denial or lack of affection is damaging to the soul. Excuse my mouth but, **** the Atlantic Ocean for being between us right now. I know it's no immediate consolation, but we are kindreds, therefore I am always with you. I love you, dear heart, eternally. *HUGE, warm embraces and a gentle, soothing and chaste kiss*