I Had Just Had A Still Birth On 8-29-10

Hello, I had delivered my son this past Sunday at 10:06 P.M. He was the most beautiful baby in the world. He was full-term, 2 days over due date in fact. I don't know what to do I miss him so much. My questions haven't been answered yet. He's now an angel.... but I wish I had him with me now.... God, I just miss him so much.
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GOD BLESS YOU! Yes he is your Angel now and he will always be with you!

Aww i'm so sorry for your loss. He's with the angels now. We are thinking of him okay. Theres very little that I can say. He will allways be remembered and loved by you.

I really really want to hold u, stroke ur hair and tell u that all will b fine. Have strength to carry on, I will pray hard for u tonight.

Hugs. I cannot even begin to imagine your pain. My deepest sympathies.

I know that nothing I can say will ease your pain, but just know that one day you will wake up and it wont hurt as much, and you can breathe for the first time. Your baby will always be with you, He'll be your angel, your personal guardian angel.

My cousin within the last year had died during the pregnancy, it is very sad but you will be with the one you've lost again after your life..or even during. Or at least you know you will love and never forget. I do hope you will be able to appreciate that you were able to experience baring this child and able to give it a form to have and spirit to create. You will forever be bond with them. Please take care.

i know how you feel and im soo sorry your going threw this. just know god is with you every second of the day. go to him cry to him yell his name. god never took your son away from u. your son is still there. with u. and everything will be ok i know you probaly dont feel that way. but its gonna be ok. god has somthing so special waiting for you. and your gonna be soo happy. but your son and you will be in everyones prayers from now till the end. and i god bless you and realy hope your ok. i dont want you sad no more.

OOh Im soo sorry words cant say how sad i am with you.

I am so sorry to hear this news, no amount of words however profound could ever ease the unbearable pain of such a loss, my love and my heart are with you. I would however like to say that i truly believe everything happens for a reason and the final outcome may well have been his plan all along, the experience of being carried by you and being part of you was the last thing he needed to do before finally ascending to the next phase of spiritual development. He is still with you and will be with you for the rest of your life and when your own time comes he will be waiting for you, love and peace.

I am so so so sorry if I was near you I would hold you and tell you everything will be alright because eventully it will be there is a reason for everythin that happnes and we may never know what it is but it is always there

Hey I can promise u its all gonna be ok, I also have had 4 full term babies that were stillborn, just remeber he is better off than we are and God has bigger plans for u and ur siginificat other. My thoughts and prayers be with you, I am so sorry, but at least now u do know who ur angel is.