Do I?

In many ways I want to just be held and told that i am ok, that everything around me isnt falling apart and that eventually i will be fine, but i also hate the feeling of vulnerability that comes with that. to have to open myself enough to someone that i should let them know just how bad things are would, and quite frankly, does scare the living **** out of me.
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Yep me too i want strong arms to hold me and reassure me but am so affraid to open up

thats exzctly how i feel ! wanting someone to reassure me n also scared of leaving myself wide open for hurt !! but if u do not overcome this where will the comfort come from ??? u'll have to take the risk of showing vulnerability n there will be someone to hold u

I know everything is gonna be just fine. I send you a big hug and dont worry about be vulnerable, is not wrong feel like that.

i can feel u and i'm quite going thru the same..yeah its always good to have some one to tell u that everything's right ..and we aren't falling me its gonna be okay are gonna do it great..just do me a favour ..first trust yourself ..yeah are gonna do absolutely fine ..try to unravel yourself ..and secondly ..dont think that u r vulnerable ..if thats what u r be it ..but just try to deveolp the resilience when u feel that u r being let down cos of ur vulnerability ..its a very difficult thing to experience im going thru ..being an emotional jack *** ..but i will still continue to be with my inherent characterstics and will battle it through ..i will have one big satisfaction ..that's being myself don't worry my dear ..just be the same ,,develop ur ways to tackle..and ur gonna kick some a**..beleieve in yourself..and any time i'm just around the corner to help u a much as i we r on the same boat ..

@mr. attached: i know how great it is to feel these things, and yet the price often ends up too much to handle. am i just weird? <br />
@touchbyangel: while the idea of accepting vulnerability sounds great, actualy letting go of those walls that i've worked so hard to build up seems nearly impossible. <br />
@naawt:have luck hon, maybe you'll find what i havent? :)

Take the risk. I have and now when that person holds me I feel free from worry and never wonder if it is going to be okay, I just know it will be. If you don't open up and let them see the real you, you will never now inside of you that there is trust. Good luck. I wish you the best.

Yes. Nothing beats the warm feeling of holding someone in your arms and being held by someone just thesame despite the vulnerability. When we are in the peak of the warmth, nothing seems to matter but still we have no control on the aftermaths. Yet, we are willing to take risks... :))

and yet i want to be close enough to someone that i CAN be vulnerable. That's just never happened :/

I feel you. I hate the vulnerability that comes with opening yourself to someone as well.