Sometimes, Men Need To Hear It Too.

Most days, I am the type of person that doesn't need someone to tell me that everything will be okay. I am usually confident enough to know that I can handle anything that life throws at me. I have big shoulders and I can, and often do, carry more than my share.

Some days are different. They don't happen often and when they do, they're over quickly. a quick hug, a kiss on the cheek, hearing one of my children say "I love you, Daddy", changed that day around completely. My priorities are instantly reordered and my path in life is clear once again.
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Awesome. I love your outlook. You are so authentic. I think it's from listening to Howard Stern. Lol. I do like your style. That is no joke.

I can relate although I'm just a small woman but I do carry more thenmy share and have moments of weakness sometimes. But yes it does pass and its back to trying to navigate life again.

It's hard to bear the load all the time.

Amen Brother!!!! I couldn't agree more. Well Said.

Thank you, sir.

I often wish my wife would just hold me sometimes and give me an emotional break from being "the man" of the family. As a husband and father, it is our responsibility to be the tough guy and "hold down the fort". And I completely submerge myself into that person and accept it whole heartedly. But sometimes, juuuuust sometimes, I want to escape that role and be comforted. It's not something I discuss with my wife because that's just not something I do. Women, hold your man every now and then. Give him a break from the strong man routine. He won't ask for it, but he could sure use it.

This was lovely to read.

I love little moments that steal your heart.

Everyone needs affection. Hugs

I need it like I need air. hugs back

I know. I think of it a lot. More than I want.

Sometimes looking at the upside makes the problems fade away. Think to yourself, I've got children who love me, who look up to me, and who, one day, will come to me and say Thank you dad for being there, and give you a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, but one that will mean the world to them and to you. A warm and satisfying feeling so few men in this world get the chance to experience.

This is so very true, though we are very strong on the outside, inside we still feel just as deeply as women.<br />
It's quite amazing the similarities in the comment from rubberqueen, because I lost my mom two weeks ago, and at the wake<br />
Everyone congregated to my two sisters but not me. I just sat alone and cried. Why is it men are not consoled the same way? We are all<br />
Human beings, and need compassion.

One thing that has always amazed me is that people sometimes don't realize that men have a heart as well. And, no, it's not just a giving heart, but it's a heart that needs love & attention just as much as ours do, even if you don't show it on the outside. I saw a big example of that just the other day when a friends father died. His sister got all the attention from friends and family, and left him sitting in the corner to deal with it himself. I went and cried with him, unnoticed, of course.

Everyone is needs compassion and companionship and to know that someone cares. There is no shame in that-it doesn't mean you aren't strong. We all need to hear it and to feel it (words mean nothing if actions say the opposite yet we doi need to hear it as well). I wish you the best day with lots of sign of love :)

lovely.....thanks for sharing......

You're welcome. Thanks for commenting.