I Feel Alone

i feel alone, everything is crumbling down.. every day gets worse and worse i fall deeper and deeper in a big deep black empty hole. I keep waiting for my doors of happiness to open and try to be positive and believe that one day everything will be ok and that I'll have someone that I can count on always.. 
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22-25, F
12 Responses Jun 8, 2012

Don't give up hope.Your EP family is going to be right there to help you get through your time of trouble.

Speak to the people you trust they will help you the most!

But i'm here if you wanna chat!

I wish my door to happiness will open up too it has just a tiny bit but not because I've found that special person yet but just from being on here. Hope our doors to happiness open up all the way soon

i know the feeling i want someone to stand by me so i have the added strength to save myself from the emotional hell. Dealing with it alone is terrible! people say things like i know what you mean but i know they haven't felt what i feel. Its hard but i always tell myself i am going to win and this depression is not going to keep me down. keep trying and hopefully things will start to be easier to deal with in time goodluck

I understand how you feel. Hugs

I think you should just need courage to step out for a new life, do not lose your confidence, you are beautiful, do not be shy, change yourself to be a person that you used not have been..
Maybe shopping, sports, travel.
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why a woman with gorgeous look like you and a friendly woman doesnt have a man that care for you how did it happen?where are the guys there are they all with crosseyes or not become gays?hhhmmmm

I just want you to know that I completely understand this feeling, and also that I don't feel so totally alone anymore now. It seems like the very moment I stopped looking for and waiting on my "door to happiness," it just opened. Life has a way of sneaking things up on you when you least expect them. Just stay strong and continue to live life and do the things you love and know that you won't be alone forever, that there are good people out there and that someone will come along who will care for you and give you the support you need.

Www.ineedamom.info there is a mom for you to talk to.

It is depressing to wait for something that you dont know when it will come...For me, I have my belief in God, that it will happen at the right time, and that I am not alone because I have angels and God with me. <br />
I hope you will find a way that makes you happier in your life before you meet that soulmate of yours.

why what happen with the beauty like you its impossible that you dont have any body now?

it's not about the beauty i guess..

yeah i know im sure it will come and dont worry things will be ok.

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