If Only

you all knew how much this would be a dream come true to lay next to someone special with his strong arms wrapped around me whispering "Everything will be okay.. I pray for us every night and I have faith that God will take care of us". Those words are so comforting to hear from the one you love and although I have never had the pleasure of personally hearing those words or sharing those words with someone.. I know they will heal you.. and make you feel secure within.
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nice :)

You are a young lady, when you are happy with yourself, you will radiate to others. This will allow you to positive things into your life. You will then experience what you seek, and be able to discover happiness at a much higher level than you ever imagined.

Your dream will become your reality. Give it time!

Thank you I appreciate your feed back.. yes i am still young, yes i am happy with myself, yes I radiate love unto others and I have faith that positive things will continue to happen in my life, i'm not sure of the happiness part at a much higher level but I do know time waits for no man..

You are most welcome.

Good for you for having having your own internal happiness, and for radiating it unto others. Much success to you.

LOL, I must admit that I laughed at......time waits for no man!

What can I say... Its true!!

Entiendo, (I understand)

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