I've always hated physical contact, maybe because I never get emotionally close to others. It just makes me feel akward. Now more than ever I wish I could find someone that could be my true companion , that I felt comfortable with so that they could hold me and let me know everything will be okay.
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I am sure you will find that someone. I never thought I would find anyone to give me the love and affection I wanted but I have. Yes it is unconventional and could end at a moments notice and wrong because he has a wife but when we are together even for a few minutes its perfect. Don't give up hope

you hate physical contact because you have been mistreated and lost your ability to trust.. that is an obstacle you will have to overcome, but you can overcome it.. don't settle for using a romantic connection to overcome your fear.. but work on surrounding yourself with healthy relationships and friends that you can trust first.. build that trust and you will be preparing yourself for a lifelong relationship with your "true" companion.. don't build that first, and you will be vulnerable to young men who are willing to use you for their own desire and perceived needs.

I understand, ill try

i would hold you tightly and make sure that you are ok then go to the kitchen and get the pie i made then cover your face with pie in hopes that you would not get all crazy on me

As long as u don't get it in my hair


awww,,, u sound so nice... hugs for u