Does This Really Ever Happen?

I'm sure it does.
But only in my fantasies.
Being held. Told things will be okay, it's just not in the cards in my life, and I can't hold myself so it's kind of disappointing.
Greeneyedandcurious Greeneyedandcurious
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

And on the flip side of that coin- there's all the fun to be had- all the joy in life - beautiful things all around us
But, yeah, I understand what you say - I've sailed this ship, and nearly sunk- ask me sometime.

It does happen, it's just a matter of tripping over the right person to hold you. Sometimes quite literally :)But BrainiumCranium is right- positive thoughts and such are good for comfort and self esteem.

It is possible to do this on your own,
You can emotionally nurture yourself, have reassuring conversations with yourself, and your nervous system wont know the difference. I guess its a little like emotionally ************ :)

:P I might start laughing though..... talking to myself....pretty sure I wouldn't be able to control that lol

There are always the jellyfish. :)