How Will Things Be Okay?

Recently heart broken, yet right now I just want to be told everything will be one day at a time is rather difficult. I know deep down inside me, I can never find someone that I can share so much of my life with like this ever again, its too hard to trust people, and even more so too hard to open up, cause all that's left is to be tossed again and I don`t think my heart can take anymore of that. I need a shoulder to cry on, I need to vent my anger, my fustration, my soul is hurt, how am I suppose to okay with everything when right now I just want to lose all my memories and feelings and thoughts, and desires, I want to forget it all...just how, waiting on time to heal all wounds is idiotic, it makes people get worst and act stupid...I suppose this rant is justifying that would be great for everything to be okay...
1986Scott 1986Scott
22-25, M
Dec 3, 2012