My Last Movement Of Life!!!!

It's all started when my mom said to me " I'm going to shop u want to come".I wanted a video game that's why I said "yes I want to go" with big smile!. I sat on front set in the car. I take out my Ipod and start watching movie. my mom start to
drive the car. me and my mom start talking about what's will be in the dinner. the shop is pretty far from my house. In sec ago the track was behind us. he wanted go first so he start saying "****..... let me go fist" . and then my mom
side " what the hell " and she give the way. the track did'tn go so he hit over
car so hard my face hit the glass of car.then I could'tn feel my self. i start bleeding and my nose was broken. my mom was past away for 2 hours.
and then I don't know what happen after I was in ambulance. i was filling like
hell. now when I think about it I always remember life is a gift! it your call that
how to treat it. "my last movement of life".
jeo123 jeo123
13-15, M
Feb 3, 2013