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I know this wall, this paper and this tears can't help me getting better. Sometimes I just dream there is somebody will hold my hand and my shoulder and tell me that everything will be okay. I try to believe there is one love for me then. I try to understand why people around me didn't like me. They say bad things about me that I never done. But I never think to hate them. I love them all and I care about them although they never think that I'm exist. Please God, I wish someday there is somebody will protect me, holding me tight, caring me, loving me. Yeah ... I wish that will happen in my live.
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Some people are just plain mean. No other way to say it, or get around it. They are not happy. It makes them happy to make others unhappy. There is only one person to make happy, and one person to trust... You. Get away from these people that bring you down. If you can't get away from them, don't be right there for their target. Ask them what their problem is, why are they so perfect and judgmental. Have a plan of attack, and don't back down. Ask your father why he hates you. The time is now before it goes any further.

I wish for that also. To have someone to love and to hold.

And can we found that?

Maybe we have found that. Do you think you have found that?

yup, we've found that now

You are just too sweet.

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i always keep saying this over and over but i will never get tired of telling this to people. sometimes, we think that we need someone to rely on, someone to confide with, but we what we didnt realize is that, sometimes we need just ourselves to learn how to appreciate our own self. you dont need those people who're trying to pull you down, youre better off without them and you're better than them. so dont give a **** on what they say :)

thank you