Too Much To Ask, I Guess.

I have been alone for awhile now. All I ever wanted was to be accepted as I am & loved for me. It doesn't seem to work that way for me though. People leave, forget all about me, & move on. I would love to have someone special come to me, hold me close & whisper in my ear that everything is going to be okay. That no matter what, they'll be there for me. I don't get that ever & it is a constant hurt that does not fade with time.


WynterAngel WynterAngel
5 Responses Nov 28, 2009

Exactly how I feel too. :(

You can be alone and be "ok" with it and try to deny those feelings, but you're right, they don't just fade away. Years of feeling this way take a toll on you. It's easy for others to patronize you & invalidate your pain. They have no clue. I've never felt unconditionally loved, as an adult, ever. I've always been the replaceable one, easily forgotten. Always the "strong" one. I've never really belonged anywhere. I deal with so much on my own, well, everything really. I could disappear for a weekend and no one would notice or care unless they wanted something. I know and live the feeling everyday of my life. And to see people that do have someone to love and support them in every way, but not appreciate it, just kills me...just for once to have someone hold me and tell me how much I mean to them, and mean it... To feel that no matter what happens in life they will be there to comfort me. To have no doubt of their intentions, or their feelings. To know that I belong in their life, in their heart and soul... If its such a simple thing to ask for, why are we all here?

I do experience that as well. And I believe it's not fair. I myself has been experiencing loneliness for how many years already. I don't have my parents beside me, they got separated since I was three. I don't even have siblings. I'm living alone in our house. All those boys that Im learning to be involve with, just fell out of love for me after how many years and even months. Just don't loose hope. Always pray. Don't think about the problem.

I feel the same. I feel like I have no one, well I dont really, but all i've ever wanted is for someone to come and take me away, hold me every night, wipe away my tears and heal my pain. I hope one day I'll find someone like that, I hope you do too.

what have you gone through that made you feel this way? from my own experience with friends and people whom i've liked, it is a constant journey to find that sense of belonging, at least for me. and i guess it's not an uncommon journey. not that your experience is unimportant- it is cuz you are a real person with real feelings and a real life. many people are with you on this journey too. i hope that one day, your hurt will be only something you look back at and not follow you.