Sometimes I Feel Alone

Sometimes I feel so alone, even though I know my husband supports me, but sometimes, I want him to just hold me instead of trying to fix my problems. I love being held by him, but I'm always too shy to initiate the contact. I wish I had more guts, because it always calms me down.

sabergirl08 sabergirl08
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 19, 2009

Dear young lady. There are many people in the world that need a hug also. You will find that if you reach out and help others you will receive hugs full of so much love you will be suffocated. Helping others will make you more independant and strong willed. Believe and trust in your inner beauty. Try it! You will like it! God Bless you

Dear heart, you can not be that shy with your husband. I imagine that you married him to stay with for your lifetime. He is the one that should embrace you. It would probably be a pleasant surprise for him if you initiated that. I had to do that with my husband. Sometimes men just don't get it. I told my husband that when he wraps his arms around me, it makes me feel safe, protected and loved. Sometimes I have to tell him, I need a hug, I just want you to hold me in your arms for a while. As I told my daughter one day, there could be another woman who finds your husband enchanting and she may not be so shy about asking for what she wants. Your husband may be needing you to let him know that you need him in that way. I'm sure that you've heard the bible verse, "Ask and you shall receieve." Try it sweetheart, he has already told you "I do". I believe he will. I know you can! You have what you need living under the same roof with you. Don't let three simple words keep you from getting what you need. "Honey, hold me." Something this simple can make the difference in sustaining and strengthening your marriage. My blessings to you. If nothing else, tell your husband that I asked you to tell him to wrap his arms around you and give you a nice long hug for me.

well it looks as if you have more than i do. but try and initate it. huugs do feel good