If It Could Happen

being held, in my opinion is feeling loved by someone. the feeling of safe and security and knowing whatever happens you are going to be alright!

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4 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Love is an awesome thing always treasure what you have because you never know from one day to the next healthy or not true love happens only once

Agreed..............and that was the way that we slept every night.................until seven months ago when the best man on the planet who held me so closely and tenderly each night as we went to sleep was taken from me. I pray that he is now in the arms of the angels who hold him always!<br />
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Going to sleep for me is now a nightmare because I miss him so.

it's a biological necessity. remember the classic experiment where the 10 newborns were placed in cribs in the nursery in former soviet union, where all were fed but only 5 were held during feeding. The 5 which were not held ALL DIED within 47 days of birth. So sad, no other reason since all 10 were considered equally healthy at birth.

Might be a form of security I don't know. My mother told me I was not an affectionate child I never sought affection, or rather rarely did. It upset my mother that her baby didn't want to be held but I liked alone.<br />
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I am still that way to some extent though I miss being held by someone, knowing you are loved and cared for. It is a comforting feeling that is true, guess I never knew what I was missing until I went looking for it.