If You Ever Need Someone To Talk To:

I just rejoined the experience project, without any recollection have having previously been a member. In finding and adding my own experiences that I share with everyone on this site I realized something: There are so many groups dedicated to people who just need someone to talk to, making friends, not being alone, being understood. I see group after group like this but I have to wonder, is anyone actually getting what they need from these groups? 

I'm here for you. I don't judge and I listen.

Rant, rave, vent, or just get to know me as a person. I need more people in my life as well, just like you might.
Send me a message or join here and talk to me on the group page. 

I want to give at least one person the comfort they deserve.

I was doing the random group option and came across a group called 'I Need to know that I'm not alone'. One woman posted in 2008 something I would be so dreadfully terrified to experience myself. Her user profile shows that she hasn't been on since and all I want to do is reach out. It goes to show that the Experience Project is not yet equipped with the kind of support network we might all be looking for. 
I want to try to do something about that.
Just reaching out.

Anitcha Anitcha
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

hi hope all is well with you.my son staying over for night and he just w0ke up at 6:20 it now 6:30 monday morning and saw you online so was going to do chat thing but haven;t got enuff credits.I deleted two friends on here recently because I figure why have friends who don't communicate with me, I got enuff of that in my normal life since the "clean up".It amazes me how not doing two things anymore has alienated myself from people I know.Anyway enuff bout me I read your comments and even though I don't know you, I still feel for you and hope that your life improving.How your Psychology studing going? don't know if you interested or not but their guy called Mantax Chia he's got quite a number of books on spiritual practices I would recommend fusion of the five elements.this would be a very good start if you intend to learn about/expeience Tai Chi.If I got time over that what I would do plus I would have learnt Chi gong first even if you only learn from book.noticing how your body feels is a realy good thing to know.I feeling excited today I joining Graboid and will be able to download some really cool anime....I LOVE ANIME...funny isn't it interested in enlightenment but still like the really violent anime,what you psychological interpretation of that?if you like I answer your stories, I don't want to overstep bounderies with you,I am trying to be able to have communication with anyone easily it a personal goal.In a book called Zen fleash, Zen bones(highly recommend) Gasan a teacher had to give a speech to very important people.when talking he noticed he was sweating.He stopped teaching because he couldn't keep the same temprement with everyone.kind regards hope I not of offense mushabutty

hi woke up and thought of you hope your having good day.random note:dating formula is oldest person halfes age then addes 7. I 32 so 23 is my lowest acceptable age.wonder wgy I blushed sorry you just remind me of myself in quite a few ways that I wouldn't like to share,so big ups on what you have sheared I think your brave