It's Hard to Be Honest When Answering Someone's Question

I've always tried to be truthful and honest with people but sometimes I wonder why. 

Ever have someone ask you a question that you knew, when they ask it, they really didn't wnat you to answer it honestly. What they really wanted was for you to give them an answer they wanted to hear.

A good example being: When my current lady friend and I first started dating, she'd start asking me questions about my past love life. Whenever I'd answer honestly, she'd get this attitude like it made her mad. Then this attitude would come over her like I had done something wrong. I finally had to tell her; if you don't want to hear the answer, don't ask the question. It got to the point where I'd say to myself; damn, it would be a lot less stressful on me and she'd be a lot happier if I just lied. But, then I figured that's exactly what she was wanting me to do. Lie! Once I did that then she could say to herself: He's just like all the other guys. They all lie. She has finally learned if she asks the question, she is going to get the honest answer.

Being honest is why I have time to sit here at the computer. About six years ago, the plant manager at the company I was working for ask me what my thoughts were as to why the plant was having so many problems. My answer was that he and his management team were lazy and not addressing the issues. I knew at the time it wasn't the answer he wanted to hear. Naturally, I was fired shortly thereafter.

My parents always told me, "Honesty is the best policy". Sometimes I wonder.



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4 Responses Mar 21, 2007

Take this as you please, but kudo's to you for preferring to be honest rather than giving someone a line of "what they want to hear". I'm sure there are people out there that flat out, don't care to be lied to as long as you are willing to coddle them & tell them what they want to hear. It's a choice, and if they're happy with that... only they can decide what they want to change. Ignorance is bliss, up to a point, but I would rather hear "my god babe, those pants make your @ss look so fat!!", than "you're so preettttyyyy".... And if I'm curious enough to ask or be asked a question about my past... I want to feel safe enough to discuss it without it being held against me, and know that I can do the same. After years of being on both ends of that stick... I'd proudly say ... "tell it like it is..."... hope you both have a great sense of humor, and a basis of mutual friendship and respect... otherwise..................... Screw that B.S....Be yourself.. .no holds barred.

It takes alot of courage to say the truth, and most of the time their are cosequences. But honest is still the best policy. Good for you.

lol, Maybe telling that to your boss wasn't the best thing. But if you didn't like the job then it doesn't matter.

ROFL!! I run into this all the time at my job. I hear their story, they ask my "opinion", and I can tell when they like it or not. Bottom line is, 3/4 of the time they want to see if our response is comparatively following down the same road of action they ALREADY plan to take anyways! Or they just need to rant in someone's ear--- not hear the other person's mouth. And I have to agree with your assessment on the girl friend. My hubby has pulled the same stunt on me! I've learned over the years NEVER ask a man his past love life! A woman will be p***ed for 2 weeks afterwards!!lol. And, the Honesty Is Best Policy... Yes, it's true. That's why sometimes it's better to plead the 5th and keep our lips sealed! Or, as I successfully pulled off as a kid, tell most of it, just don't volunteer all of it!! lol. Shame on Eme, here! Attention Kids! Ignore that last statement!!