Pay Back


When GOD gives you so much, you should know that eventually, you need to give it back as a contribution to the society of GOD’s finest creation.

We are all human, but too much soaked in the pleasures of life, too absorbed and obsessed with being happy, too busy and self-centric to do anything human to be human.

We need to do something human, to qualify and be eligible to declare us as human.

chocosoftheart chocosoftheart
26-30, M
4 Responses Feb 26, 2010

thanks Sarah

i agree .too..only u dont do it for god..but for ur own good...god desnt need anything from us..whn we do good we are actully maKING sure dat we are going to get.good.

i see no one else agreeing with that , but i knew you will

I agree.