I Want To Be Hypnotized To Be A Better Person For My Fiancee

I want someone to hypnotize me to the best person for my fiancée to always be happy and never have an attitude can some one help me please
Barnsey144 Barnsey144
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

hi barnsey.
i think if you have to change yourself before you even get married,
there is something seriously wrong.
you marry someone because you love the way they are,
he wants a woman like playdough, that can be remoulded when ever he feels like it.
if he is not happy with you now he never will be, and you will possibly put up with years of misery,
before you cop on and get out of this manipulating relationship.
think really hard before you marry this selfish shallow person.
sorry if this is a bit harsh, but you really need to think this out.

Nah that's fine but its not her it's me, and I just want all this to go away so I know that I'm the right person for her

hi again barnsey,
sorry i misread your first post, i think its great that you want to change for her.
she must be really special, not fully knowing your story it is hard to give you the relevant advice.
but believe me wanting to change, means your half way there buddy.
it is very hard to find someone really special, so i really hope it works out for you.
if you ever need to chat, let me know and if i can help in any way, i would be delighted to do so.
best wishes for both of you in the future.