Letting Go of Masculinity

I am told that hypnosis only works if you are open to the suggestions. I would love to be hypnotized and told that I am not a man but a girly girl female.

Micayla Micayla
61-65, F
3 Responses Aug 15, 2008

I'm a certified hypnotist looking for fun subjects.
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So... what would be wrong with exploring the idea of becoming a female...if that's what is truly in your heart. It would no doubt have some dificulties to make the transition, but after alll it has been done and is becoming more common as society has become more accepting. What'cha think?

If it could really really work ... sign me up! I guess in some ways my mind, heart, spirit and soul are already there ... I just need the removal of the barriers I still have somewhere in my mind.