I Want A Rock Band!

I've wanted to be in band since I was like 16. I love music and I write songs and poetry. Don't play any instruments but I'd like to be the singer. I could write and sing the music
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

if you don't play an instrument you wont have as much credibility and i personally would not even consider you even just as a lead singer its not about knowing how to read music notes its also about understanding the beats .if you are serious get involved whit people who are into experimental music its a good start into creating an image 4 yourself figure out what you like

realy don't know how to start one and how to get people to join. anyone i've ever been friends with really wouldn't do it.

whats stopping you?<br />
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im in a band :) its has its ups and downs, but its awesome