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i want to be in a band... i would be a great "front man" but i don't know how to sing... like my performance skills are awesome but i just can't sing if that makes any sense at all... i have that stamina and quirkiness and passion that all leads have (just give me some music and lyrics and i'm all over it) i'm just not a great singer or songwriter nor do i play an instrument lol

18-21, F
3 Responses Nov 29, 2009

Same sort of problem, except backwards...I am an alright singer, but I'm shy as freakin' hell! Coach eachother?? ;)

funniest comment i have read >.<<br />
some good ol advice get a guitar acoustic then get some 1 2 teach u through Skype myb idk <br />
later practice go 2 webs tht have music tabs 4 instance<br />
associate your self whit music not just in this web but in others a good range of music <br />
cab b seen on Reddit ;0 'best of luck

well than work on your singing or is anything learn how to play an instrument its never too late to start