What Will It Be...

A story about heroes and villians. The good vs the bad. The underdog always overcomes and the weird and perverted have their own little section away from the rest.

An encylopedia of love, lust, passion and genitalia.

A picture book of boobs, shoes, furries and *****.

A love story with a happy ending.

A tragedy.

A drama.

A comedy.

A book of urban legends, in Ep land of course.

A diary of the lonely, the lost.

The never-ending story, parts 1,2 and 3

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Lala giggled as she read smugit's comment, she had missed her furry friend and hopes their journey had been safe

wow it is my life story you are soooooooooooo furtastic!

..the last few days Cakes had been busy making wedding favours. The air was filled with the scent of spray paint and glue. If she saw anymore bloody gold hearts with pink ribbon she would smash them all up. She sat back, with her hot cup of green tea, giggling as she read froM Salar

Our heroine returns from an evening of entertainment , drinking exotic **** tails and waching the lastest from holywood if Steed ever needed a new Purdy then they need look no further than our very own Miss Cakes .<br />
Eagerly he sat at his trusty laptop awaiting the latest corrospondance from cakes in the big smoke ,egear from the next installment of this daring do ......

.. she returned, smelling like tuna and hoping the coke stains will get out of the car seats. What's this? A new fan add, she read the email that came with it, and smiled to see the return of an old dear friend. The annoying chat bar flashed in the corner of her eyes as she tried to navigate back to her profile page. Meanwhile, Salar had been keeping this story going while she had been out perving over Bradley Cooper. I wonder what he's been up to.....

as ever the bastian of the good , in disquise of a mortal she mingles with friends attending glittering social events and fabolous partys , enjoying qusine from the tables of the finest restaurants , but our high heeled heroins thoughts are never far from the plight of those unfortunates left behind in the labyrinth that is Ep ....

..Lala sat and ate her Marmite on toast, as she contemplated last night's events. Minus the heels, but a very pretty pair of floral ballet pumps, with pink bows, she attend the screening of Karate Kid with her friends in tow. The McChicken sandwhich she ate would later be regretted, but learnt a lesson well. A night with no sweets or Slush drink, and she sat had still throughout a 2 hour film. So maybe all those other films weren't so bad, but it was just the sugar high that stopped her from appreciating them in their own rights.... As she checked her make up, and directions one last time, she was headed out for drive to the sticks, to catch the A-Team with a long lost friend...

My sincere thanks to Pedro for her tupence worth always a welcome contribution , now in the bright sunshine he stands surveying his surrondings to ***** the damage done to the fruit trees before laiden with plump green apples before the storm now they lay scattered on the grass as thrown by the hand of a giant , the bird table often the play thing of the three cats with whom is allowed to share a home with perched at a strange angle half buried in the hedge , my thoughts return to last night and wonder what off our high heeled heroine ......

A first consideration was perhaps a disclosure of information lodged with host containing name address tele nnumber etc etc their by any behaviour deemed of an un ethical nature could have them reported to the police in turn removing them from the site , but this thought was still merely a seed still to grow and see the light of day when all of a sudden his thoughts were suddenly and unexpectantly diverted down another path , spilling the rice krispes and milk from his spoon on to the key board at the mention of the word Cake !!! hmmmm apple pie and custard mmm mmmm......

haha, ok, I guess I have a couple of weeks before my holiday, I'll try it before I unplug myself from the ether

About ep! :) You are a wonderful writer woman.

Me?<br />
<br />
about what?!

You should write a book lala :)

yes, we always need cake

...Lala dunked her biscuit, more carefully this time, hoping not to lose anymore tea. She ummed and arred as she read Salar's pm and giggled when she noticed the cheesy wink at the end

pervs pervs and spammers the vain of the decent minded ,like a plague of locusts they try to devour the innocent of mind ,as he dunked his fourth diiggy he knew he had to find inspration and guidence from the few <br />
such as the other bright mantel of justice in far off London town (oh and her willing side kick Marji )

....as she followed her stories and her friends comments, she knew that Marji would always make her smile...

....She awaited his response, almost breathless with the anticipation of what he would share next...

As if by some strange force not of this earth he to was was is the throws of dunking his digestive in his big mug of hot tea .......<br />
The wind hollowed like a tormented beast the rain lashed like a cat of nine tails against the window disturbing his thoughts for his friend , but still he must pursue this task , this holy grail for Ep users.....<br />
the struggle with the twins of evil witch haunt the very wi fi of ep fearless in the face of the hosts the reign of evil pervs and spammers most be ended .....

haha, Im with you there Tummie!

Lol I think the perverted section would be in Appendix P, which includes the pee-pee and doo-doo fetishes too!

....she typed away, knowing that there was some kind of comfort in the (in)sanity of EP. She hit send, and awaited for a response. As she sipped her hot tea, she cursed as she burnt her lips and tongue and wrote a confession of profanities to numb the pain. Meanwhile, across the distant galaxy, to place a million miles away (Scotland), her friend received her message...

In her moment of despair she found the avator of friend , she sat back in her comfy leather recliner and placed her elgant legs to rest on the corner of the old captains desk careful not to scuff her patend black leather heels with the gold trimming , her fingers moved over the keyboard sending a message to her friend hoping to find a solution to the mystery .......

...at her desk, lalaninjacakes drank a huge cup of tea as she typed away at her keyboard. She slowly found her way to Experience Project and looked in sadness as she had only been fanned by k9 lovers again......

Chaptor one ....<br />
<br />
The wind ratteled the window pain in league with its accomplance the dark to fill the house with strange noises that filled the dark corners .....

of course

a presume you would be the high heeled heroine?