We meet because I wrecked my friends car, it wasn't on purpose. But he and his friend came to get me. On our way home we had stopped at a gas station and he had come up to my window and asked if I had a lighter and I replied, "no" and he said thanks and walked away. About five seconds later and said he found it. The entire time I was crying because I couldn't believe what had just happened and we had arrived home.
A week later I saw him again and his friend was dating my best friend and I asked if he was single and he said yes, I had for his phone number and a day later we were together. And we still are. With every kiss there seems to be a spark and with every hug there seems to be a hesatition to let go and when we said goodbye there was sadness in his eyes and sadness in my heart. He tells me I'm perfect and its just so hard to believe that a girl like me could be happy. Yesterday he said the sweetest thing. He told me our relationship is like a teddy bear, I'm the teddy bear, he's the heart and the love is the fur that surronds the teddy bear. And I almost cried because I've never had someone care so much about me or every tell me that I was perfect. He tells me I'm pretty, beautiful, gorgous and that he would never change anything about me. And I was in aw because I have never been told that I was beautiful, pretty, gorgous instead I was ordered around.
I'm so extremely happy that I have him, I no longer have to fake a smile, rehearse a laugh, pretend to be happy because now everything has come true. I'm so happy with him, It's so weird because happiness was never something I knew. I trust him 100% I don't freak out because he always keeps his word, he doesn't have to even try anymore. I think I found my Happy ever after.
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Dec 15, 2012