Is There Such A Thing As A Soul Mate?

I've been hearing the term "soul mate" since, if I recall, the mid-90s. Another one of those "warm-fuzzy_ concepts that people who are never happy dream up to give themselves one more thing to feel cheated out of. I'm sorry; it's just how I see it.
I have a soul mate. No, seriously. His name is Jesus. He loves my soul. He doesn't care about money, prestige, or looks...none of that means a thing to Jesus. He loves me unconditionally.
I think those people who are "searching for a soul mate" have no religion by which they can find a personal relationship with God, and so they seek that fulfillment in another person. When that person fails (because no person can take the place of God), the dejected victim sighs in mourning, ends the relationship and says "He (or she) was not my soul mate after all) and the quest begins once more.
I can't help but believe that there is only one soul mate. That's the mate who humiliated Himself by becoming the creature He created, and allowing himself to then be beaten up, crucified and killed, simply to forgive us for the sins we have committed against Him. Kinda blows my mind. I will find a woman someday who will love me and respect and all that...but I'll still always remain loyal to my soul mate.
Oldfarmer Oldfarmer
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1 Response Jul 17, 2011

awesome statement! i love it!