Don't Think I've Ever Feel Like I Was Someone's Everything

After my last real relationship with someone (the one Im getting divorced with), It kind of ruined me and my hopes and dreams for any relationship to ever come my way. As much as I want to feel loved and appreciated for who I am, Im not sure I will ever be able to be with someone long enough to have that happen. It scares me so bad, to fall in love with someone, but at the same time I want it so bad. I hope this makes sense to everyone else and not just me. But this is how I feel, and Im not sure how to overcome this fear. I dont wanna pass up something that could be so good for me, but I also dont wanna get into something bad again.
yspjut yspjut
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 1, 2011

seek outside help and do scan through your friends for caring ones. in the end you will find peace and confidence