Is Halfway There Better Than Not At All?

We've been 'taking things slow' for over a year now, and I've liked you even longer still. Are we to take things slow for another year? I can't and won't do that. I see how good we could be together, I see how much we have in common, and how well you treat me. You're more respectful and caring about me than any of my other exes.

Why don't you want me closer to you? Why are you so afraid of giving yourself fully to the relationship? We have more fun with each other than any of our past relationships, and there is more passion too...and could be more if you would give into it and just let things happen! Let things progress. It's natural and normal.

Sometimes I want to scream. Why? Why can't you either be fully with me, or not at all? But I'm the one choosing to stay, aren't I? And I can only control matter what I do or don't do, you will ultimately do what you want to do. I just wish it were wanting me to really be with you...and not this endless parade of dates. Not that I don't love and enjoy them...but if they're never going to lead to anything, please, just stop. You keep saying we're moving forward slowly. I see it in small ways. How slow is too slow? When is halfway having you more painful than being alone? Some days are easy...some days it's torture.
loveful loveful
26-30, F
Apr 14, 2012